Definitions, concepts & models

Sending information; information may also be received and this can lead to a change in what the receiver knows, feels and wants to do; ideally there is interaction between participants who send and receive and consequently shape common knowledge, beliefs, values and behavior.
Conceptual thinking:
A mental process in which attributes are combined into a new whole (attribute: characteristic or quality of a thing).
Corporare Cross-Media:
Integrating the entire marketing-mix – and everything else that could be associated with the organization – in order to express one conceptual proposition, with the objective to create an experience for the individual that will result in a favorable image.
Creative Concept:
How we tell the proposition to the receiver. (Also see Proposition.)
The integration of online and offline media.
Some people say that cross-media is about sending the same message through all offline and online media, but this seems to reduce communication to sheer sending; whereas communication can be seen as a process of sharing information and group-formation – especially relevant in the case of interactive media.
Decision-making process roles
Proposes the purchase of a product or brand.
Steers the process  into a certain direction.
Decision maker
Makes the decisive decision and shares it with the rest of the group.
The person who goes to the shop and actually buys the product.
Person who eventually pays the product.
Person who uses the product. (In a broader sense these could also be passive users, such as people who do not smoke, but do inhale smoker’s smoke. The entire society could be seen as users, as society has to get rid of pollution etc.)
This person is motivated and able to put a problem into words, not necessary his own problem.

(Inspired on Floor & Van Raaij 2011 p132-133)

Domino of Communication Effects Model (Grunig & Hunt 1984):

Domino Grunig Hunt 1984
Group of groups.
An archetype of the target audience, it is an invented individual member of the target audience.
What we want to tell to the receiver. (Also see Creative Concept.)

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