About Harry’s Head

Harry’s Head is my head. As a hunter/ gatherer of information I like to share ideas. That’s why I started this blog and this might also explain why I have been a lecturer in communication and marketing since 1993.

Currently I teach and develop communication and marketing programs at the Group of Business Studies from Windesheim Flevoland University of Applied Science in Almere.

Until September 2012 I was teaching, developing and coordinating at two programs of HU, Utrecht University of Applied Science in Utrecht: ICM, bachelor International Communication & Media & MICM, Master in International Communication Management, a joint program with The Hague University of Applied Science in The Hague. Also at HU, I coordinated international contacts for the Faculty Communication & Journalism, and I was a research-fellow of the research group Cross-Media Business.

Before that, I taught and developed communication programs at predecessors of InHolland (Ichthus Hogeschool, Rotterdam and Hogeschool Holland, Diemen). And I did the same at Windesheim University of Applied Science in Zwolle.

After Augustinianum secondary school in Eindhoven – the town where I was born – I studied product design for three years at the Design Academy Eindhoven and then I went to Radboud University, Nijmegen where I graduated in communication science.

I started my career as a freelance copywriter and communication consultant in 1991. Soon I also started teaching communication and marketing to professionals and in 1993 I was invited by Ichthus Hogeschool to teach there. This invitation was the beginning of a long period of teaching and now I am often pleasantly surprised to meet former students in nice jobs.

Harry Smals

mail: HarrysHead@KPNmail.nl

Dutch site: https://communicatiekc.com/


  1. Hi Harry. I can confirm without a doubt that this is indeed Harry’s head. A nice guy with a soft heart for everyone, big, small, yellow, black etc. I hope you’re enjoying life in Netherlands. I’m still in a different planet called Kenya where we say in Swahili Hakuna Matata (translated loosely as there are no worries).
    Keep up the good work and as always wash it with a hearty smile.

  2. Hello Harry,

    I met you back in 2006. And I am glad with this new media era we can meet via internet (while I reside in Asia). I even have the privilege to contribute to your blog. Thank you very much & hope we can learn & enrich one-another.

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