Communication Basics: Media Mix

Media Mix: The combination of all communication means, events and activities that are used to achieve the communication goals of the campaign.

Read below:

  • Media strategy from Touch -> Tell -> Sell -> Care
  • Sample questions to find the right Media
  • Matrix: Target group, Effect, Message, Media,
  • When Determining the resource mix in steps
  • Tips for finding solutions
  • Target group/ resource matrix

Media strategy from Touch -> Tell -> Sell -> Care

In the matrix below you can find some examples of was to influence the target-audience in each of the phases of the Customer Journey. Many of them are Media. So you can develop a media strategy based on that.

Mouth-to-mouthe-mail campagenPurchaseSocial media
Display advertisementSocial MediaWebsiteSpecial offers
Content MarketingWebshopReviews
Unique Selling PointsRequest
AwarenessInterest/ DesireAction
inspired by:

Sample questions to find the right media

You can convert the following research questions into interview questions:

You use the answers from the above research questions as inspiration to find the right media. With these media you influence knowledge / attitude / behavior so that the goals of your plan are achieved.

Matrix: Target group, Effect, Message, Media, When

It is useful to make an overview of which message you send to whom by which media and when. You will then get an overview as below (data about the target groups etc. are not entered). If you put a column with the costs behind it, you can easily calculate what the costs are.

Target groupDesired EffectMessageMediaWhen

Determining the Media Mix in steps

Steps for the analysis

  • Mapping the current Media Mix: list which resources the organization uses now and indicate which resources it uses to reach the target group.
  • Mapping touchpoints. For example, by describing a day in the life of the recipient, or by describing the Customer Journey.
  • If necessary, use the Uses and Gratifications theory to determine how the target audience uses the resources: are the resources used as the sender intended, or is the target audience using the resources to satisfy their own needs – without satisfying the sender’s needs?

Tips for finding solutions

  • Devise communication means & events to occupy the touchpoints in such a way that the recipient is reached and touched, so that knowledge, attitude or intended behavior are influenced as you wish.
  • When coming up with a communication means, make sure that it complies with the AIDA model.

Target group/ Mediamatrix

In your campaign, you can reach different audiences and segments in different ways – with different media – and with slightly different desired effects. It is clear to bring this together in a target group / media matrix. For example:

Media / Target group –> 30 –
general public
30 +
general public
Regular visitorsBus travelersCosts: Budget
Local NewspaperIncrease knowledge about X: name, proposition.Increase knowledge about new proposition from X.
Facebook pageIncrease knowledge about X: name, proposition.

In this example, the desired effects are listed, but you can also fill in the message per target group and per resource (event) instead. (You can also fill in the message and the desired effect, but this quickly becomes confusing.)

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