Price per Kilo

Price per Kilo tiltedCommunication can be a kind of magic: communication professionals can virtually turn things into gold, by adding value to it, by making people believe in something. In this respect communication professionals are the the “new alchemists”.
For example a T-shirt from a Chinese factory may cost € 2, but when a brand logo is added to it the price can rise to €45. Apparently the brand built a valuable position in the brains of people, as a result we are willing to pay over twenty times the price of the material good, we pay for a dream, for values we believe in.
The financial value of things is dependent of what people are willing to pay for it. Take gold: in a mine it is pretty worthless, until it is uncovered by a miner, it becomes valuable when it is sold by the mining company and even precious when it is traded on the world gold market. A one kilo bar of gold costs about € 40.000. (See
I wondered what other things come close to the price of gold. What other materials are virtually tuned into gold? Therefore I made the overview below.
Here you can find that daily products as milk, potatoes and bread are about € 1 per kilo and among the cheapest things you can buy; the added value is very low (perhaps due to European agricultural subsidies?). However bread is about twice the price of milk per kilo. Rice is a little more expensive, not really surprising as it comes from far away.
A second-hand family car costs about € 5 per kilo, about the same as cookies. A cheap car – approximately € 8 per kilo – represents more added value, but less than coffee. And a healthy salad with beef and teriyaki sauce is over twice the price of the second-hand family car. With a kilo-price of about € 11 the added value of the salad is equal to that of unbranded T-shirts bought directly from the factory. A branded T-shirt, however, can be over € 300 per kilo: the brand makes material almost 30 times as expensive. We see a similar brand-effect on the iPhone 5: almost € 8.000 per kilo – but still only one fifth of the added value of gold. On the other hand, an expensive car as the Mercedes-Benz S class costs less than € 70 per kilo – a bargain compared to branded T-shirts. The Bugatti super-car is really expensive – 11 times the kilo-price of the Mercedes-Benz – but still only 10% of the iPhone. The strongest brand I found is football-player Cristiano Ronaldo, he is worth his weight in gold almost three times.


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